Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Madonna @ Interview Magazine

With her new album "Hard Candy" coming out on April 29TH, Madonna has started her media blitz promoting her new musical effort. She is the cover girl of the new issue of Interview Magazine posing spread-legged on a boxing ring, a-la Christina "Dirrrty" Aguilera. This raunchy pose is so old-Madonna and I thought she had gotten over those cheap provocations many years back. At least her face looks normal on this image as she has been looking very odd lately, with some very puffed-out collagen cheeks.
The Goddess is also on the cover of the new Dazed & Confused issue and as the mag states she is "ready for anything".

1 comment:

Alan said...

I'm just hoping the rest of the album is nothing like the recently released song.

I think if she keeps herself healthy, continues to focus on putting out solid pop albums, speaks her mind, keeps her sense of humor then I could care less if she looks her age frankly.