Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fendi's Do-It-Yourself Baguette

Fendi has a new baguette version out in the market. It is a do-it-yourself purse in plain white canvas that comes boxed with a set of 10 Pantone Universe markers, so your inner-Picasso can come to life. The bag retails for US$1,300.00 (!!) and it is not even leather! Sure, the boxed idea is great and quite appealing to the eye. The colorful doodled lining is also a cute plus but the price is quite steep for such a plain bag, even for a baguette. Unless you get someone like Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons to customize one for you (those would be first two top picks) it could be quite a disastrous incident. Maybe a cool hipster graffiti-artist pal of yours could be entrusted with the responsibility of adding an unique touch it too but you should refrain from any Bedazzler impulses, please.

Via NOTcot

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