Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tattoo Sleeves

With this incredible invention, you can get a bad-ass tattoo as quick and easy as putting on a shirt. Just slip one of these Tattoo Sleeves over your arm and you'll be the envy of every dock worker and biker chick for miles around. And kids... wear 'em to school and see how quickly your street-cred rises!
The principal behind Tattoo Sleeves is quite simple -- They're kind of like sheer nylon stockings with detailed tattoo graphics printed on them. One size fits all. Each package contains TWO tattoo sleeves of the same style, so you can cover both arms or share one with a buddy.
This reminded me of Jean-Paul Gaultier's last mermaid-themed couture show, with plenty of very similar sailor tattoos opera gloves and patterns, a recurring theme for Gaultier for many, many seasons. Now you can get a "couture" look for less than you'd pay for taxes on the least expensive item from Gaultier's fab product line.

Available for US$11.89 at

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