Friday, March 14, 2008

Eartha Kitt - Catwoman At 81


Well, now the Catwoman trilogy is complete. I just found this recent image of Eartha Kitt, TV's last Catwoman and had to post it here too. Ms. Kitt appeared as one of Batman's top arch-enemies in just three episodes during the series last season only as Julie Newmar was unavailable. Most of the villans were simply guest stars and not part of the permanent cast. Julie Newmar (13 episodes) is still my favorite Catwoman ever, though Eartha Kitt did a good job too. Lee Meriwether was cast as Catwoman for the Batman movie only as Julie Newmar was busy filming a movie during the series first season hiatus.

I actually met Ertha Kitt once a few years ago. She did a concert in Provincetown, Massachusetts one summer and I went to a meet-and-greet with the star after her show. I had been a fan of her for many years and actually owned a few of her albums and CDs, so meeting her was a dream come true. She is after all a huge icon, that had been friends with James Dean and still very active in the cabaret world. Meeting her was a total let down. She was just so bored and uninterested being there to meet her fans that she wouldn't even fake a smile when people approached her. She was just sitting there behind a table, signing autographs (I got one) and barely would look up when people praised her. Maybe she was tired or bored but she probably shouldn't have agreed to these contractual clauses if she wasn't going to even try to appear friendly and nice.

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