Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marimekko@ H & M

Here’s a very early look at what to expect from H&M's tribute to Marimekko, which hits stores April 10. A brief summary: colors, prints, and more colorful prints. Since it’s not a designer collaboration like Karl Lagerfeld or Roberto Cavalli, the price point is lower than you might expect. A one-piece swimsuit is $34.90, an apron dress is $49.90. The 50 piece collection also includes menswear: Bermuda shorts are $39.90, short-sleeved shirts are $29.90. On the whole, the collection packs enough vivid patterns and punchy colors to make dressing for even the stickiest summer afternoon feel a little more like preparing for a tropical vacation.

Via NYMag

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stephanie said...

I went to H&M yesterday and was delighted about their tribute to Marimekko. I did buy a piece, a wonderful orange and pink ombré skirt. Altogether i adore this line and will buy more peices. Thanks for blogging on this!