Friday, March 21, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel: The Final Four

Last night's episode of "Make Me A Supermodel" was a feast for the eyes, serving what the home audience most likes to savour: nudity, nudity and more nudity! The episode started on a sad note with Shannon's early departure from the show. I did believe that she would make it to the finals but she did not get enough votes to stay in the competition and I am sure that her smug attitude didn't help her in the end either. Holly couldn't hide her disappointment with Ronnie's return to the model's townhouse and this is making her seem very petty to me.
Tyson shows up at the house with guest visitor Naomi Campbell so the models can "ooh ahh" over her. It was just purposeless as she didn't give them any tips or constructive advice besides taking a look at their portfolios. It read like Tyson was just kissing her ass for jobs that she got for him in the past, my opinion. She came across fake-y and vapid, am I wrong?

Their last main photo assignment was a session with renowned photographer Matthew Rolston and the theme was the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. That was the perfect excuse to get the models naked again (thanks Bravo!) and expose plenty of skin on the late night cable show. The models were shown baring all, being oiled up and having their privates intimately groomed. Perry had the most daring shoot going full-frontal, even if the had his manhood tucked between his legs, shaved crotch and all. He was "water", dripping wet in all his glory. Trés gay! Ronnie was "earth", covered in dirt in a woodland setting, looking like a wood nymph. Ben had it easy this week as he got the "beauty shot" of the guy's assignments. He was "wind" and just stood there with his "angry stare", covered in sheer black chiffon and even I will admit that the images came out great. He had no heavy make-up like the other guys did so that was to his unfair advantage. Holly, gorgeous as ever, was "fire", in a bald skin-tone cap and severe make-up. Later on flames were digitally added to her head making her image simply superb. The following night the models are taken to a SOHO art gallery opening and are surprised to find their photos blown up wall-size as part of the exposition.

For their last runway assignment they were coached by the fabulous Christian Siriano, of Project Runway fame. Christian is a natural-born superstar and he gave them the best straight-up advice, with his trade mark quick wit and sassy humour. He even designed a dress specially for Holly to wear, though it looked too similar to the one he did for Victoria Beckham on his Bryant Park presentation, just in different colors. The models each had to wear and perform three diverse looks , going from barely-there swim wear, via a really silly casual look and to a serious/chic evening wear mood. The judges gave them their final criticisms: Perry - weird shoulders, Ben - still lifeless runway, Ronnie and Holly - lose some weight.
These are the final four contestants and now America will choose through votes who gets the big prizes. I LOVE Ronnie but I did give my 10 votes for Holly. She is the only one that has a chance, once she trims up, to really achieve any success in the business. The truth is that only female models really make it big, as you can count on one hand the male models that reached that level (Tyson, me here). Ronnie will be a celeb in gay circles and probably will get a GLAAD award next year. He'll make the cover of OUT, Genre and The Advocate but sadly that will be it... As I said I've voted for him all along but this should be about who can be made into a supermodel not a popularity contest, what the show turned into sadly. America voted to re-elect Bush, so what do they know about supermodels anyway?

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