Monday, March 24, 2008

Dog Torture

You have to agree that whenever you see a dog-dressed-in-human-like-clothing you get that "How cuuuuuute..." blending into a "How saaaaaaaaad..." feeling. Paris Hilton comes to mind as one of those top offenders, torturing her poor Tinklebell into wearing little dog shoes with some matching pink outfit. I guarantee that dogs hate wearing shoes. I'll forgive owners that do it to save their pooch's tender paws from the hazards of city living (broken glass, snow salt, etc) but otherwise dogs don't care about fashion too much. My beloved Booboo was dressed once for Halloween but I could tell that he hated it all the way through, specially his antenna head gear.
I took the images above at the Palm Beach Pet Parade last week, hosted by no one other than Snoopy himself. Snoopy was only a hit with the human attendees as the canine kind did not spare him from many barks and growls, as they looked terrified by that 5'9" giant dog costume.

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