Friday, March 28, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel: The Bronnie Tee

Last night I sat through the yawn-inducing "Make Me A Supermodel" reunion show. The event was hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, doing the "sleaze" job by trying to instigate the contestants against one another. The 14 original hopefuls were all back together, sitting by the show's catwalk, and were also joined by their hosts and judge panel. This episode's editing was shoddy and seemed to cut off when things were about to get good. Not many unseen behind-the-scenes snippets unfortunately, though Holly telling her squirrel stew hunting story was pretty priceless. She let her inner Virginia hillbilly out once and for all, and she came out cuter than ever. The bulk of the show was dedicated to Ronnie & Ben's bro-mance and Bravo's shameless plug of their "Broonie" T-shirts, available for sale at their website for US$19.95. One contestant even dared to wonder whether both models would have stuck out this long had their "relationship" never gotten so much air-play. Makes me wonder too, bud...
The final episode is this coming Thursday and I will let you know who gets the big bucks.

Images Via Show Patrol

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Alan said...

What that T-shirt should really have on it is a Shark with Fonzie doing a waterski jump over it.