Friday, March 14, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel: Bye Bye Casey

I was so bummed last night watching my new favorite TV show when I heard the news that Casey had been the one chosen to go home. "Make Me A Supermodel" eliminations are based on viewers voting to keep their favorites on the run to snag the modelling contract and the 100K cash prize. Casey was by far the best looking guy in the house - model-wise I mean - and he was the sensitive, easy going token guy too (plus great hair). Somehow viewers chose to keep Ben, the prison guard/hick, that is so stiff and dull that baffles me that he is still on the show. Thankfully one of the judges, Cory Bautista, had the guts to say that America made the wrong decision in keeping him this week. Ouch!

The theme this week was Goth, flying the aspiring models to New Orleans for a photo shoot in a grave yard. The images did come out great and the styling (for the girls) was flawless as always. They tend to make the guys up too much for my taste and that doesn't work quite as well as with female models that are expected to be fully done. The idea to go Goth was a bit dated in my opinion and not really avant-garde anymore, as most past themes have been. I must say that whoever is styling the show has a very keen eye for picking great editorial-looking clothing, worthy of any big international publication. There was also a "sob moment" when they later take the models to aid in building a home for a Hurricane Katrina victim, along with Habitat For Humanity. Pure "Extreme Makeover" cheap shot.
Once back in New York the models have to come up with a Goth choreography for their runway presentation. In real life there would be coaches and directors telling them exactly what they had to do. No big-time fashion house which is spending tens of thousands of dollars in a fashion show would give carte blanche to the models to decide what to do, so this challenge was kind of pointless to me, unless the objective was to make them falter. It came out very school-play and overdone.

Holly was once again the winner this week to no one's surprise as she is fab beginning to end. She does need to work on her squeaky voice though, as a judge pointed out. I will be very surprised if she doesn't win this show.

To my dismay Ron, my favorite contestant, was up for the vote again. From this week on only two models with be selected to be voted off or not. Ben did well on the photo shoot and therefore safe from the elimination and so was Perry, even if plagued by his (ex?) girlfriend's tabloid scandal. Did Tyson really need to show him the National Enquirer's article insinuating that she is having an affair with Britney Spears paparazzo boyfriend? That was purely an attempt to instigate reality TV drama and uncalled for, specially right before the trip to New Orleans. By the way, what was Perry doing scratching his balls so intensely in bed last night?? I almost choked on my home-made cosmo!

Ron is running against Shannon, who had never been in the bottom three before. Editing made it sound like that she knows she is good so she doesn't need to try that hard. She is actually a great model and will surely have a career in fashion regardless of the show's final word, but she is coming across as too hard-ass and home viewers might not find that too endearing.


I was really torn who to vote for this week, as in past times it was a no-brainer. Though I love Ronnie's personality and enjoy watching him on screen, Shannon is simply a better model altogether. Ronnie has a more commercial/pretty look and Shannon is far edgier and interesting, even if not as likable. I voted 6-4 for Shannon, though I felt guilty by betraying my favorite model but I thought it was the fair thing to do.


Alan said...

"I almost choked on my home-made cosmo!" LOL!!!

Well, as we say in Hollywood, the show has jumped the shark. As far as the credibility of a show touting what IS a professional model, all is lost when a person that looks, acts and exists as BEN remains when many other very clear-cut real models have been eliminated. This means that the Producers screwed up by letting "America" vote thus keeping an unqualified hillbilly on board and tossing actually qualified models (like Casey) out. I don't need to watch this show anymore since it's clearly a massive screw up abortion of a reality show. Dear "Who Wants to Be a Supermodel" I say you are "auffed" as a TV show- you are eliminated out of the bottom three of the worst reality tv shows.

Pumpkin Man said...

I wonder if people are doing the "Vote For The Worst" like they do on American Idol...
That would explain why Ben is still in...