Friday, December 07, 2007

What Is This C*nt Doing Here???

I can't believe this! Help, help! Ann Coulter invaded Little-Pumpkins!!
That vile-mouthed Queen of Hate popped up as an ad on my blog via Google Ads and I am SOOOO pissed right now!! The "best-selling author/lawyer/TV political commentator" is a Hater with a capital H and she has no right to post an ad here of all places. She hates gays, Jews, Democrats, immigrants and everyone that isn't a "Pro-life Christian right-wing Bush-loving white Republican. Whenever she has a new book coming out she will spew her venom to spike sales like she did not too long ago by saying that "Jews needed to be perfected by turning Christian" and famous for calling John Edwards "a fag". She also believes that by taking away women's right to vote no Democrat would ever be elected president of the USA again. Bright, huh?
To hell with you Ann Coulter and get out of my blog!

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