Sunday, December 16, 2007

Art Basel Miami 2007 - Part 3

This is my last batch of pictures from the Art Basel Miami 2008 fair. These are a images from inspiring, sexy, cool or simply kooky artwork that caught my eye while I walked up & down ABM hallways. I actually had to really pay attention to where I was going, drawing a mental map, to make sure that I did see (almost) everything. The grid pattern lay-out got me lost a couple of times wondering whether I should be turning right or left or asking myself "did I go down this aisle already?" I loved the fair and will make sure to attend it again next year armed with comfortable shoes, a full stomach and more time. I forgot to mention that the admission fee was US$30.00 and I thought it was very steep. I understand that it's a very high-end art event and they want to keep the riff-raff out, but 30 bucks is a lot considering that you don't really "get" anything for it, besides what you take home in your mind. Enjoy!

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