Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank God It's Over

We all love Christmas, right? Those who do celebrate it, I mean, not be exclude anyone. At the same time it brings you a feeling of anxiety and stress, having to run around looking for useless gifts to buy, hoping to please whomever receives them, spending the money we don't have. You need to pick up the house if you have guests or relatives coming over, not to mention the surprise guests, making it look "festive" and in the holiday spirit. You drag a tree in, then drag it out, leaving a mess in it's trail. You get the point.
Today you can take a deep breath and relax as it is OVER! Now let's just worry about New Years.
The Santa-Trash image above was taken by my pal Alex Rasan, in Florianopolis, Brazil, who was so kind to let me post it here on Little-Pumpkins. Talk about Christmas spirit!

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Frank Grimes said...

I agree. I think, if one celebrates Christmas, it should be a sit-down dinner with friends and family (like Thanksgiving) with no presents and, if you do church, then go to church... but no presents no running around or decorating.