Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fugly Alert: Manolo Blahnik For Men

Shoe God Manolo Blahnik is coming out with a six-piece collection for men. The styles are due in stores in February 08 and includes a red sued Oxford brogue, a peep-toe top-stitched blue suede lace-up faux shoe/sandal and an outrageous leopard print pony-skin sandal.
This is Mr. Blahnicks return to men's designs after a seven years hiatus and for what I see here he should go back in hibernation and rethink some choices. Being lauded as one of the top women's shoe designers in the world, if not THE TOP, does not give one carte-blanche to expect that every creation will be a hit. Clearly we have a big miss here! Sorry Manolo, but these shoes are quite unattractive, very femme-y and I dare say, dated. They look right out of the early 80's and that's not a compliment. The red shoe is OK and in a different color it would be wearable but still not a re-invention of the wheel here - pretty bland and unimaginative. The other two are simply ugly all together, with no saving graces and destined to the sale racks of Neiman's and Sack's. Sure there will be fashion victims that will buy them full price so they can say "I am wearing Manolo's!" but that is who runway looks are for anyway. Thumbs down.

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RBW said...

Yes, very, very ugly. Hope all is well with you.