Monday, December 10, 2007

World Famous Hot Dog Heaven

Yesterday morning, when I was driving to Miami, I was forced to make a huge detour off US95 because of some Toy For Tots motorcycle parade. They literally closed off a 5-lane highway so that a few hundred bikers could show off their hogs, inconveniencing tens of thousands of people that were either stuck in hour-long traffic jams (me) or had to veer off their way to unknown routes (me). I know that a toy-drive for impoverished kids is an amazing good deed but closing off the main state's highway, that by the way can be driven all the way down from Boston, connecting the Northeast to the tip of Florida, is simply dumb and irresponsible. Let's have this parade next year along the beaches maybe, where people can actually enjoy the view, as not too many people hang out off the edge of a busy highway on Sunday mornings.
On a higher note I was taken down Sunrise Boulevard, somewhere off Fort Lauderdale and was forced to make an abrupt stop when I spotted the delicious sign above. Who can resist a Joe-Cool winged weenie wearing shades? Did I mention the thumbs-up? The place was all boarded up, clearly closed down for a while and up for sale. It is a pity that this super-kawaii sign will eventually be taken down and probably just thrown out in the trash. I had to pull over and take some pictures so at least it will live forever in cyberspace. Just remember that this is the"World's Famous (no small stuff, folks) Hot Dog Heaven - The Taste You Remember".
Rest in peace my little angel sausage!

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