Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lisa Perry Spring 2008

I am a total sucker for anything nostalgic, specially 50's and 60's related. Maybe I am just being one of those that look to the past and only remember that romantic view of times gone by, but the fashions of those times are far more interesting to me than many things that overflow from the mall shops these days.
I love these Mod dresses from Lisa Perry's Spring 2008 collection. These modern-day Twiggies look fab in these vibrant A-line shifts, with whimsical dots and flowers appliques. The mid-thigh length is very flattering & up-to-date and the great disc-shaped glossy purses add the final touch. What's also cool about Mrs. Perry is that she lives the 60's lifestyle, at home and on her every-day dressing. She's also a vintage collector and I can see the clear influence in her collection. Love it!
For more info and to view more of her collection visit Lisa Perry's website.


Frank Grimes said...

I have to disagree on the look here. Yuk. A kleenex box conveys more artful design than these poor excuses for fashion.

Pumpkin Man said...

Oh, Frank...always so opinionated...on subjects you know nothing about! I think her look is fab. It's not meant to reinvent the "wheels of fashion" but to make women look and feel great! I'd rather see girls in cute 1960's Mod dresses than tramping about in Paris Hilton's LA looks. You are soooo LA...
Pumpkin Man