Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Piero Fornasetti Rugs

I've been a fan of Piero Fornasetti for I don't know how long. I remember having seen his iconic woman's face designs for the longest time but it was not until the early 90's when an Italian ex-boss of mine showed me one of his furniture catalogs and I put a name to them. Since then I've been collecting Fornasetti items whenever I see something I must own and can afford. His original furniture pieces are way too expensive for my pockets but someday I'll get my hands on one of his tall chest of drawers or a set of his whimsical chairs. So far I've amassed a good collection of his original Julia plates, sans gold rim, and a variety of other items like lamps, trays, umbrella stands, etc. The photo at the bottom was taken in my old yellow living room in Boston showing a selection of plates above the fireplace. I couldn't hang all of them for lack of space but you can get an idea of my appreciation for Fornasetti.
Now the Roubini Rug collection is offering these gorgeous and unique Fornasetti Rugs. Reflecting Piero Fornasetti's whimsical artwork, the rugs certainly make a great statement even by itself and would look fab in my living room! Prices are a bit steep starting at US$3,000 for a 3' x 5', US$14,000 for a 7' x 7' and all the way up to US$24,000 for a round style. They are constructed from silk and wool and are also available in custom proportions. Click on the link to view all rugs styles. I love it!

Via Luxist


Friend of Julia said...

You are right to love fornasetti, I've been collecting what I can for many years. It used to be cheap in eBay a long time ago, but those days are gone. These rugs are fantastic! There's no way I could afford them, but it's nice to dream. I suppose I should be happy with my collection of plates and other small items. Have you been to The store is in New Zealand, but he has a huge inventory of yummy Fornasetti. Maybe some day when I win the lottery....

iconrugs said...

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