Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Tree Wall Sticker

No more watering a dead tree, no more fire hazard, no more vacuuming up pine needles well into April. This is a Christmas tree for the moderately wealthy and the super lazy. Minter will collaborate with Wallpaper LAB and WOW (Works on Whatever) to create a six-foot die-cut vinyl wall-sticker that addresses the powerful and ubiquitous symbol of the season: The Christmas Tree. Minter styled a small tree with her own eclectic collection of shiny ornaments, lighting and photographing it in a way that merges crisp detail with gauzy soft-focus radiance. The photograph is further transformed on the way to the decal: the image is enlarged and an archetypical Charlie Brown cartoon die-cut shape is enforced as the template for the tree. The self-adhesive vinyl tree can be applied directly to the wall, by either removing the paper back or simply pinning it - a boon to the space-challenged apartment dweller with a sense of humor. Each limited edition Merry Merry tree comes rolled in a tube with four decal ornaments and a star and retails for US$180. The Merry Merry's star can be purchased separately for US$25.00. 1/3 of the proceeds go to support public art through APF (Art Production Funds).
WOW (Works on Whatever) is a unique collection of everyday items designed by artists. The revenues from sales go into public art

Available at Works on Whatever

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