Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cute Alert: Sad Faced Pug

I could not resist these pictures of this adorable sad-faced pug I saw online. He is clearly waiting for his master, feeling sad and abandoned. Don't you just wanna hug him to death?
That REALLY makes me miss my Booboo that is still in Rio with the grandparents. I couldn't bring him back with me when I moved to Florida as it would have been tougher on both of us at that moment. The first 2 weeks I rented a place in South Beach that didn't allow pets, plus I had to find a job, find an apartment to rent, buy a car, etc. Having Booboo around at that time would have just added pressure to an already stressful situation, as I wouldn't have had much time for him anyway. In Rio he has company all day, is taken to long walks in Copacabana beach at least twice a day by Grandpa and gets plenty of cuddling and petting from the whole family. I miss him terribly and will fetch him as soon as I get a break, hopefully before March.
You can see Booboo below, in a picture taken in late 06, when he cut his paw playing in a grassy area. I took him to the vet the moment I saw him dripping blood, all frantic, to find out that the cushy underside of dog's paws tend to bleed a lot anyway, but thankfully it was nothing serious. The bandage didn't last a full day by the way. It came off as soon as I took him for a walk hours later.

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Aretha said...

I love dogs! I think they're just lovely creatures and this one just wins my heart