Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fun Holiday Gifts @ Urban Outfitters

Leave it to Urban Outfitters whenever you are looking for cool, fun, unusual and affordable gifts. This temple to everything-hip is notorious for their inexpensive up-the-minute alternative fashions, colorful home accessories and great gift section, not to mention their everything-must-go basement sales. At times I feel too old for Urban's but I somehow always manage to spend money whenever I go in there. My last purchases were a couple of do-it-yourself books, four great collectable toy-art tchotchies and a pottery garden gnome.
I have a couple of fun suggestions for that secret Santa that you couldn't weasel your way out of:

-Ass/Face Soap
Whether you're needing a cheap gift for a friend, or have a hard time remembering which side is for which part, this Ass/face Soap ($6) will do the trick. As you might have guessed, the bar has "Face" on one side and "Ass" on the other. Most definitely classy.

-Butt/Face Towel
When you think about it, it's pretty crazy that this kind of thing didn't come around a lot sooner. This handy towel takes all of the guesswork out drying off - there's one side for your face, and one side for your butt - just don't mix them up, and you'll be set!
*25"w, 44"h 100% Cotton - US$20.00

Via Uncrate / Urban Outfitters

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