Monday, December 03, 2007

Mario Testino @ Vogue Hommes International

I don't like fur. I am actually against wearing it, me or anyone else. I don't believe in fashion rules but fur to me is an outdated status symbol, that not only is ostentatious and vulgar but destroys the lives of innocents creatures in vanity's name. Sorry, I won't go all PETA on you guys but it really bothers me. We could go on and on about leather or wool but I do believe they fall in a different category altogether. Men in fur are specially heinous. Nothing says "queen" like a guy in a fur coat, unless you are from Siberia or is standing in Moscow's Red Square. Even fur trim on men's clothing gives me the willies. I have sinned in the past for selling fur (trim) items but I vowed way back never to touch the stuff again. I once worked at this place in Boston that sold these Prada scarves that were made out of dyed hamster fur! Eew! And we were not supposed to say that to customers as most cutesy Asian girls would not have gone for that.
Then we come to the Fall/Winter 2007-2008 edition of Vogue Hommes International with a "men in fur" editorial by photography's great Mario Testino, titled "Fur Men". I will disregard the tacky fur coats and focus on the lower mounds of fur instead, that are far more appealing to me...

Images via Queer Verve


Eoin Jasper said...

hott guys indeed,
but yucky fur!!


Frank Grimes said...

Say no to fur. Also, those guys look a bit too thin. Thin is good, sickly thin, not good.