Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jimbo by Gary Panther

Possibly the one of the most influential graphic artist of his generation, Gary Panter is the creator of Jimbo, a post-nuclear cartoon character whose adventures were first chronicled as a comic strip in the '70s LA hardcore-punk paper Slash and later in RAW magazine. Panter was among the artists honored in the 2006-2007 exhibition "Masters of American Comics. This is the first-ever officially licensed figure of Jimbo. Working directly with Gary Panter, Yoe! Studio has crafted a very detailed rendition of this iconic character. Measuring 9.5" tall, and featuring a fabric costume of tartan loincloth and tattered t-shirt. The loincloth is held on with a thin rubberband, and if you’re man enough to remove the loincloth, you’ll get a peek at Jimbo’s manhood. Yep! He’s anatomically correct.The figure also includes a 32-page color illustrated paperback that chronicles the process of creating the vinyl Jimbo figure and its packaging. Panter’s had worked at the always entertaining Pee-Wee’s Playhouse television show, but it’s interesting to know that Jimbo was the character that Matt Groening based Bart Simpson on.
Edition of 750 - US$49.99

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