Monday, December 10, 2007

Dirty Pigs in London

I just opened my e-mail box to find these great pictures that my sister sent me from London. She thought I'd love this new anti-litter campaign by the British government (she was right!) and took these funny images shown here.
Their site (no, it's not a gay hook-up site) explain a bit more about the campaign below:
"Keep Britain Tidy is launching a ‘dirty pig’ campaign to tackle the problem and cut the amount of takeaway trash taking over our streets. Over a quarter of our streets are strewn with cast off food cartons, drink cans, pizza boxes and chip wrappers. Research reveals that many people on a night out depend on a takeaway treat at the end of a night to sober up after a few too many drinks in pubs and clubs – but often most of their midnight meal ends up scattered on the floor or in the gutter. Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign is set to make you think about what you look like when you drop litter. Posters will be appearing around the country featuring an attractive man and woman who develop pig-like features after dropping litter, together with the slogan, ‘What does dropping litter make you look like?’."
Another cool feature on their site is that you can upload your own photo - or of others - and pig-ize it by adding pig features like pink snouts and pig ears.

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