Saturday, December 22, 2007

Juliana Paes @ Bar Da Boa

Brazilian actress Juliana Paes has been the face of Brazilian beer company Antartica for quite a while. Most beer commercials in Brazil are filled with sexual innuendo and there's a reason why she was picked to be their spokesperson. Juliana is actually a fine actress but her good looks have landed her in Brazilian Playboy, been caught panty-less by the paparazzi (A la Britney) and she's considered one of the country's top sex symbols.
Now you can send a funny video message by Juliana Paes by clicking on the link below. All you need to do is fill out your name, a friend's name whom you want to tease and visualize. It's all in Portuguese but you will get the message on the spot, even if you have no clue what's she saying. You can also enter optional e-mails and have it sent directly.
The spot is named "Bar da Boa". Boa is a slang for a fine, voluptuous woman in Portuguese.
I loved it!!


Latinblog said...

hi, do you have the portuguese scripts of what Juliana says in the commercial? would love to have it. cheers, Esteban

Pumpkin Man said...

She says:
Eu fiz uma tatuagem, quer ver?
Ah, bobinho nao fica assim nao! Tem uma com seu nome tambem. quer ver?

Paulao, chega ai...

In English:


I got a tattoo, wanna see it?
Ah, silly don't be sad!
There is one with your name too. Wanna see it?

Big Paul, come here...

Latinblog said...

Thank you, Obrigado, Gracias!