Friday, December 14, 2007

Katherine Heigl @ Vanity Fair

Grey Anatomy's Katherine Heigl glams it up for the January 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. I love all the 1940's pin-up inspired photos by Norman Jean Roy, specially the black & white cover look and the Vargas Girl one, with the legs up in the air. She looks gorgeous as the 4o's movie star diva too and she incarnated the character flawlessly. Kudos!
I do not watch the Grey's anatomy as I never liked hospital dramas (E.R., House, etc) and I try to not get hooked on the prime-time hour long shows as I don't need another TV show to get addicted to. I hate the feeling that you can't miss an episode or you get lost in the story sequence so I make a point of changing the channel. Also the story lines never seem to appeal to me anyway. There are exceptions, like Ugly Betty that is awesome and Law & Order SVU, but otherwise I'd rather channel surf and watch A&E, Discovery Channel or true-crime shows. Project Runway is still my favorite but so far this season the show hasn't grabbed me to the fullest. Sarah Jessica Parker's appearance was the biggest highlight but the challenges haven't been as great as I expected. Tiki Barber, how boring was that?

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