Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dita Von Teese @ Venus Zine

The fabulous Dita Von Teese - Goddess of Perfection - is the cover girl of Venus Zine magazine, Winter issue. I came across it as I was browsing the shelves of a cool little book shop in West Palm Beach and I spotted Dita right away. Venus Zine is a publication about independently minded women in music, art, film, fashion, and DIY culture. It has a very rock'n'roll-alternative edge that I love, specially when most women's publications seem to simply focus on "how to get a guy/keep a guy", beauty, homemaking or superficial fashion articles. When I see all the Cosmos and Glamours, I ask myself, are we in 2007 or 1957?
Back to Dita, Venus Zine says:
"From small-town Michigan girl to fierce style icon, the self-made woman built her career from the Midwest up. She’s big on being her own boss, creating style on a budget, and owning her sexuality."

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