Friday, November 30, 2007

Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds

With the first Centerfold, who just happened to be the radiant Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner masterminded a cultural icon: Playboy's Playmate of the Month. Now, for the first time ever, Playboy has gathered together every Centerfold from every issue into one luxurious collector's edition. That's over 600 beauties. They've reproduced these Centerfolds exactly as they appeared in the magazine to create a full-size, deluxe volume. Paging through this colossal, chronological collection provides a breathtaking view of our evolving appreciation of the female form: from the fifties fantasy of voluptuous blondes to the tawny beach girls of the seventies to the groomed and toned women of today. Housed in a handsome leather briefcase lined with velvet, this impressive tome is the ultimate indulgence for every passionate collector. (US$315.00) Love it!

Kehinde Wiley Tapestries

Cerealart's newest edition "The Gypsy Fortune-Teller" by Kehinde Wiley is an elegant 76 x 96 inch tapestry that was woven in Belgium. Recently "The Gypsy Fortune-Teller" was photographed installed in the ballroom at the historic Powel House in Philadelphia.
I couldn't find any pricing info on the site but I am sure it will cost a pretty penny. I really like and respect Wiley's work - urban thugs in classical painting settings - and his technique is amazing.
Doesn't it look GREAT in there? Love it!

Greatest Hits @ V Magazine

Great editorial from V Magazine by photographer Sebastian Kim & styled by Michelle Cameron. It reminds of the great British magazines from the mid 80's like Blitz and The Face, that I used to collect in my teens and still have them in piles at my parent's home in Rio. The images capture to a tee the New Romantic/New Wave look that was so hot at the time. Memories of androgynous Steve Strange and early Boy George come to mind looking in some of these over made-up face. Love it!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Woollyhoodwinks are a cuddly bunch of mischievous and loveable woodland creatures that by their nature, are pranksters of one sort or another. Recently arrived from their home in the black north forest, they have since captured the hearts of children and the imagination of adults. Each one has their own unique personality. How can you not love a quintet of squeezable pranksters with their own theme song?
They are crafted from high quality, vintage-inspired wool fabrics, detailed with sweet embroidered faces and bright plastic safety eyes. All the ‘hoodwinks are handmade, so each one is completely unique. not unlike their homes in the black north forest, each one comes snuggly packaged in it’s own ‘tree’ complete with a few surprises inside!
Woollyhoodwinks stand about 7” tall, US$30.00 each and available at Unica Home

Los Mono - Promesas

To make a great music video all you need is imagination, a good song to go with it and a video camera on hand. Forget about the over-the-top special effects, the back-up dancers, the helicopters and the video-hos. This GREAT music video by Chilean pop group Los Mono proves that the simplest ideas can a long way and to superb effect. I simply love it and can't get tired of watching this guy's move. He is awesome! Give it a try!

Christina Aguilera @ Marie Claire

Humm...not too sure what to make out of Christina Aguilera's new spread at Marie Claire magazine. I kind of went "eew" for a second - sorry, first reaction - because I couldn't really get the reason why she was naked, specially since she is very pregnant. Don't get me wrong! There is nothing ugly or dirty about being pregnant and most women do get that wonderful "glow" when they are "with child". I just thought to myself, why naked? The cover photo would be 10 times better if she had a bra on as I only see it as an attempt to look hot & sexy, even if with a huge baby-belly. Maybe the sexualization of pregnancy is what turns me off or reminds of cheap niche-porn, you know that kind shot in basements with senior citizens, feet fetishists, animals or bizarre sex acts. They have those with pregnant ladies too and that is just gross. Christina is talented and gorgeous and I wish she had thought twice about this choice. Demi Moore did it first, but somehow it came out classier.

Click images to enlarge.

Cute Alert: Cuddly Critters!!!

Who can resist these images? Even I, that am not a "pictures-of-puppies" kind of guy couldn't avoid the smile that came on my face looking at these great photos. It actually made me miss my baby Booboo, that for the time being is staying with the grandparents in Rio, but soon to return to daddy with whom he belongs. You can see Booboo below in his first Halloween costume a couple of years back. I call it Booboo-Bee!

To see more "aaawh-inducing" images of too-cute little critters go to Marco Folio and get ready for all those gushing sounds of delight!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dita Von Teese @ Frederick's of Hollywood

Goddess of Perfection Dita Von Teese as the new face (and body) of lingerie mainstay Frederick's of Hollywood in amazing images available at their website. She could not be more suited to embody the allure and grace of the 50's pin-up beauty and I applaud their flawless choice. Love you Dita!!

Available at Frederick's of Hollywood from US$12.00 for a sexy "Fuzzy Panty" to US$68.00 for the "Satin Beaded Tulle Corset"

For more gorgeous images of Dita Von Teese in Paris, her PETA campaign and more just give it a click!

Kidnap Madonna For Drug Money

I just went ga-ga over this T-shirt by Mishka I saw online the other day. How can it be more brilliant? Kidnap Madonna For Drug Money! LOVE IT!!
A little background on the label: based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mishka is a street wear brand that references any and all things the creators have been inspired by: The underground punk/ hardcore/post-hardcore & skate scene’s of the 80’s, heavy metal & indie rock, horror, comics, B-movies and pop culture in general. In addition, Mishka embraces emerging artists and works closely with them on unique graphic concepts. In Russian, Mishka [pronounced: mee-shka] means “bear cub”. Bear cubs in general are intelligent, independent and gentle, but anger one and it’ll tear your face off! Mikhail Bortnik and Gregory Rivera established the brand in 2003 and gave the word a new meaning by creating what is one of the most coveted underground street wear labels around.

For more Mishka pick your destination: blog , holiday catalog , site

Via Hype BR

Chloë For Chloé

For Spring 2008, everyone's chasing the Chloé free-spirited look. Meanwhile, the brand itself is defining the way it wants to smell with a scent that debuts in March. The new Chloé fragrance celebrates the chic and irreverent spirit that's become the house's signature in the '00s. It also celebrates three iconic girls of the moment: the actresses Chloë Sevigny and Clémence Poésy and supermodel Anja Rubik, as captured by Dutch photography team of Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.

The fragrance, developed by Robertet perfumers Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie, combines powdery floral notes with peony and springtime freesia. All of which gives way to a rich and sensual side of the rose with notes derived from the deep interior of the flower. It deftly embodies the Chloé look, which always walks the line between the girlish and the seductively womanly. Look no further than the new ad campaign to see that dynamic in action.

Kaws & Comme des Garçons Collaboration Collection

American artist Kaws has teamed up with Japanese avant-garde label Comme des Garçons to create a series of very cool wallets. These wallets utilize the popular CdG zip style wallet together with the familiar styles of Kaws illustrations. This collaboration includes more than just wallets and will also feature clothing, bags and fragrances. These items are set to debut on November 23rd and will be available at Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Original Fake , Kaws co-owed shop with Medicon Toy in Tokyo.

They do remind me of something eerily organic like little hairy turds or limp penises, am I right? Maybe I just have a dirty mind or could Freud explain it?