Friday, August 31, 2007

Bandage of the Heart

"The bandage is a universal sign of injury and healing. When worn over the heart, it can be a declaration of personal loss that is on the mend. More so, the "Bandage for the Heart" can be a declaration of support, for victims, casualties and survivals of tragedy. It can be given, as a "badge of honor", to those that have made it through hard times, or to the heroes among us who helped to guide them through."
By Alyssa Dee Krauss, a RISD graduate jewelry designer & artist. Available at her website, US$250.00 for the sterling silver/stainless steel/garnet version and US$1,100.00 for the 18 Karat gold/garnet version. Each bandage comes presented in it's own gauze wrapping.

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