Friday, August 24, 2007

Cool Signs - Hotel Verlaine, Rio

I just love this sign for Hotel Verlaine that I found in downtown Rio the other day. The mascot chick is clearly a working girl, no doubt about it. She is wearing a red mini dress, red pumps and a French-whore beret. She smokes her fags through a long cigarette holder and her heavy lidded eyes say it all: "Wanna a date big boy?" The sign claims "Maximum in Status", humm... The cherry on top is that this sign is the tip of a street lamp, right on the intersection of two streets in a bohemian neighborhood. Could it be more cliche? If Aunt Gladys and Uncle Vern were coming to Rio on vacation, the Hotel Verlaine would not be my first choice for accommodations, unless they want to experience a fun-filled, action-packed holiday.

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