Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time (Si Gan) - Korean For Crazy

I watched a very intriguing Korean movie last night called "Time", at Espaco de Cinema, here in Rio. Here is the brief synopsis of the film, according to me:
"Seh-hee is an over-the-top crazy-jealous bitch. She's been dating her loving boyfriend Ji-woo for over two years but she feels that they are cooling off. She throws herself in jealous fits in public places, making scenes for no justifiable reasons but based on her own insecurities. She questions her looks and often compares herself to others, though she is average pretty. After one of these crazy rants, Ji-woo has had enough for the night and goes home, leaving her at her place. That's the last he sees of her. She changes her phone number, quits her job and moves out, leaving no signs of her whereabouts. Six months later, after major face-altering plastic surgery, she becomes See-hee and this new woman has a mission. She wants Ji-woo to love her new self, as the old one was just not good enough. But Ji-woo still loves Seh-hee and hasn't lost hope to find his true love again."
And that's when the movie gets good! Expect graphic & bloody surgery close-ups, a couple of plot twists and really wacky behaviors from the main characters. By watching this movie I drew a few conclusions about the Korean young crowd, that are nothing but cynicism on my part. Here it goes:
  1. Koreans never work, though they can afford great apartments, big cars and lots of major plastic surgery.
  2. They argue loudly in small cafes and public places.

  3. They like to throw punches around too, specially in tiny restaurants or cafes. No one minds.
  4. Korean girls are very forward when they want a guy.
  5. Korean guys won't take a change of mind if you had agreed to have sex in the first place.

  6. They keep live birds in glass cages in the lobby of their subway stations.
  7. Getting a completely new face via plastic surgery is common and offered in a walk-in basis.
  8. They mistreat their help, specially if they are waitresses or hostesses.
  9. It's OK to barge into an ongoing surgery room. The nurses and doctors don't seem to mind.
  10. Korean guys are gorgeous. Just two uglies in the whole movie.
  11. They love sculpture parks.
To watch the movie trailer click here, with English subtitles.

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