Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bar Do Pirata - Downtown Rio

This small dive, or botequim as we say here, is located on Rua do Ouvidor, near Rua do Comercio's corner in downtown Rio. Every time I walk around the city center I come across small hidden treasures like Bar do Pirata. I love all the murals and attention to detail that one can find even in a hole in-the-wall place like this. The bar is minuscule but even so somewhat tidy and organized. The owner told me that people ask to take pictures in there all the time and welcomed my request on the spot. Love the mix of religious & superstition icons on the top shelf (click to enlarge). Not too sure what the half filled champagne glass does but it probably wards off evil eye or brings good fortune. The clenched fist is called a figa and used as a protection tool as well.

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