Friday, August 31, 2007

Ultra Nate @ The Week Rio

The Baltimore-native singer Ultra Nate will be performing at Rio de Janeiro's new mega club The Week tomorrow night, Saturday September 01. She will be singing tracks from her 5Th album "Grime, Silk & Thunder". Her new single "Automatic" is a cover from the 1984 Pointer Sisters dance smash hit. The original song reached #5 in the Billboard charts by the way. Ultra is known for her huge dance-floor classics like "Free", "Found a Cure", "Joy" and "Desire", and anyone that has been to a decent club in the 16 years will recognize them within the first accords.
To watch the steamy homoerotic promo video (that you won't see at your local MTV), with a cameo of a very Leigh Bowery-looking being, click here.

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