Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mark James @ Colette Paris

This limited edition of 99 pieces only is by UK artist Mark James and it's available at Colette in Paris, the coolest shop around. It's 7"5 tall and for 100 Euros you can take one home.
Mark James and his take on this toy:
If 99% is shit then what's the 1%?
"It's up to you, one mans shit is another mans gold. 99% is an observation on modern life. It's not a dig at the toy scene or any other scene as some people may think, it's about society as a whole, the obsession with useless celebrities, politics, tabloids, fast food, reality shows, I could go on, but generally 99% is shit! It can be taken as a positive or a negative message, I prefer the positive, once you except 99% is shit, you can move on and enjoy life, lower your expectations."

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