Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's your Landscape?

In Rio, at Centro de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, a new photo show debuted this past Tuesday entitled "Qual e a Sua Paisagem?" displaying 50 works by 24 Brazilians photographers, inspired by their own view of urban landscapes. I went there to support my very talented friend Marcio Mitkay that was also showing at CAU, along with Marcos Bonisson e Patricia Gouveia to name a few. The works are a personal view of snapshots of urban living, from the abstract to the surrealistic. There is also a great video installation in a large movie screen showing a cloud of beach balls being tossed up in the air in a very crowded carioca beach day. The 1879 building that houses CAU was once a private residence, then a school from the early XX century to the mid 70's. In 1985 it was declared a historic landmark and 10 years later a pristine renovation brought it back to it's original glamour. The show goes until October 07 2007 and is located at Rua Sao Clemente 117 in Botafogo neighborhood.

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