Thursday, August 30, 2007

Most Anticipated Murder in Brazil

Tonight Brazil will be tuned in on TV Globo's prime time soap "Paraiso Tropical" to watch the death of evil twin Tais, portrayed by the great Alessandra Negrini. Tais is the villainess that antagonizes the life of her twin sister Paula, and everyone else's that crosses her path in the popular soap. She has lied, stolen, murdered and kidnapped throughout the past months and many characters have plenty of reasons to do her off. She will be murdered tonight but the culprit will only be announced by month's end when "Paraiso Tropical" wraps up.
She will be found dead on the kitchen floor of her sister's apartment, with the stove's gas turned on. She goes in there to try to steal her sister's passport trying to flee the country but the safe's combination has been changed. Then the door bell rings! She peeks through the peep-hole and recognizing the person, and having no other alternative, lets him/her in. That's the end for the deceiving bitch. I'll keep you posted about this saga's end in the upcoming weeks.

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