Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chic Wine Bottle @ MOMA Design Shop

A unique gift for the wine enthusiast, this bottle with a wine glass inside is meticulously hand crafted. It's mouth-blown in Romania from a single piece of glass, making no two identical.
Very simple and classical in design, with no color or patterns to distract from the silhouette.
Designed by Claudio Colucci. Available at the MOMA design shop for US$95.00. Love it!


jackie ♥ said...

thats so nice! love the blog by the way.


Little-P said...

Thanks Jackie!! Really liked your blog too!
Please return!

My best!!

Pumpkin Man

Scorpios said...

Oi amigo, ou pra manter o padrão liguistico vigente aqui, Hi, friend!!!
Mas não se anima que não vou gastar o meu vasto inglês.
Adorei o blog! Culto e chique com temáticas que toda a galera do jiu jitsu adora discutir.
Vou divulgar na comunidade Gracie/Osklen.
Quiches. PR.