Saturday, August 18, 2007

Marcelo Krasilcic's Pillow Talk

New York-based Brazilian photographer Marcelo Krasilcic was born in Sao Paulo to a family of of carpenters, furniture sellers and interior designers hence his current sofa cushions fetish. I came across his personal blog by chance while clicking "next" on Blogger's header and I was instantaneously grabbed on the spot. The sense of playfulness and simplicity of his images evoke faded old family pictures, something taken back in early childhood, forgotten in drawers or boxes and suddenly rediscovered during a move or spring cleaning. Even some of the more homoerotic images feel naive and un-posed, as if you walked in someone's intimacy and no one cared. One can't help but smile and be taken into these portraits, wishing you were there laughing and having fun. Being silly and young again.

To view the full series click on this post's header. To see more of Marcelo's work and bio just click here.

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