Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Road Trip (Part 2) - Reste Motel

A few images of the oh-so-lovely Reste Motel in Emporia, Virginia, right off 495 South. Just to freshen up your mind I had mentioned it here before on part 1 of my road saga. These pictures illustrate a bit of the charming surroundings of my road side accommodations. You can see the rusty sign with it's vague hint of 1960's Americana and the door of my room, # 132, all red gloss like a cheap hooker. Love the missing tip of the number 3! To top it off I included a photo of my fancy paper bath mat, with it's sophisticated swan motif. Swans mate for life but at the Reste Motel they mate for the night (or by the hour). I am glad that there was a warning not to use the paper mats in the shower or bathtub, otherwise I would never have guessed it. If you are planning a vacation in Emporia I highly recommend the Reste (US$22.95 a night!!) and I even included some info for your ease. Enjoy!

Reste' Motel, 3190 Sussex Dr, Emporia, VA 23847 (804-535-8505)

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