Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip (Part 1)

This past October I took a torturous road trip from Boston to Miami, along with my pal Booboo. This treacherous drive that was supposed to take 18 hours turned out to be a never ending driving nightmare. I believe I drove over 26 hours to get there, getting stuck in every single major traffic jam on the East coast. After the first 12 hours or so I had to get some rest and ended up at the not-so-lovely and restful Reste Motel somewhere in Virginia. Keep it in mind that I needed pet-friendly accommodations because of the pooch and I couldn't be so choosy. The place was a dump and I felt like a character in one of those American road movies that you drive up to your room door. I did peek through the shades several times through the night whenever I got spooked by a weird noise, waiting for the serial killer to show up or the hit man with the silencer on his gun. I recalled that betrayal movie "Grifters" with Annette Bening, Anjelica Huston and John Cusack and wasn't really the greatest image to have in mind at that particular place. "Pulp Fiction" also had some bloody shooting death at a road side motel just like the Reste. I double locked the door and propped a chair against it, just in case. Flipping through the TV channels I almost choked coming across hardcore porn on my screen. I am not a prude, believe me, but that was not what I expected to see so readily available. The motel attendant either just assumed I wanted to watch porn & masturbate or couldn't care less about it to have it blocked. Keep it in mind that the following morning I saw kids and families leaving the motel on their way back to the long highways. I hope their porn channels were not live too. All pictures taken at the Reste Motel, October 10 2006.

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