Sunday, October 07, 2007

Autumn in Boston

Though it's officially Fall I must admit that it feels more like summer weather to me. I remember spending many chilly Autumns in New England and cannot recall temperatures as warm as the ones we've had these past few days. I spent a few days in Boston visiting friends and had the luck not to have to lug a jacket around, as a short sleeve tee was more than sufficient during the day. Boston, my hometown for many years, remains as beautiful as I remember and the nice sunny days allowed me to stroll around quite a bit. I snapped a few (corny) pictures around Copley Square, as they also have a small farmer's market in the afternoons. The sunflowers were screaming "Take my picture!" and I had to oblige, though I am not a "flower photographer" kind of guy. Nothing against flowers or any threat to my masculinity, but it's such a cliche subject that has no appeal to me unless they are fake and meant to look it, then I love it. The colorful chairs were displayed in front of Auntie Sadie's, a charming home-goods store in the South End neighborhood. They were so "picture-ready" that it almost looked like a photo prop.
I have a few more great images of my trip to Boston that I'll post here during the week.

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