Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Love Fluffels!!

Fluffels are soft designer toys that put a smile on your face! They are very adorable looking and a little bit crazy, with a twisted edge that I love. Fluffels are made from very soft materials and are very hug-able, as fleece and felt are used for the skin and they are filled with polyfill. The first Fluffel was created when Mariska Vos-Bolman got her hands on her first sewing machine. Sitting in the train with her boyfriend Yannis Bolman she designed Zumba, the toothy purple thingy on the second picture. Mariska and Yannis are both graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts. They both work in the videogame industry and are based in Holland.
Prices range from € 22 - € 80 and you can check them out at their site by clicking here.

Via Booboolix

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