Friday, October 19, 2007

More Sex and The City - The Movie - Fashion Previews

Fret not! This wedding dress business is clearly a dream-sequence in the upcoming Sex and The City movie that is being shot all over Manhattan. I've seen pictures of Carrie looking really angry in this same wedding gown, running away from church, as if she had been stood up at the altar. Sarah Jessica looks great as a brunette as this chocolate-brown hair color (Garnier Nutrisse?) suits her very well. I actually might like her better as a brunette, more chic & sophisticated. Her blond hair can look too hippie-frizzy for my taste. The argyle tights & Frankie-says-relax-style t-shirt combo is a miss as she is too old for that, but the gray tights-cardigan look is awesome!
I love these two pictures on the bottom as Carries does a double-look on the four girlfriends strutting down the avenue with all their shopping bags. Great casting, as the girls are younger carbon-copies of our favorite SATC demoiselles. The Samantha chick is fabulous! Love it!!

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Aretha said...

How I love this. I can't wait for the movie, ahhhh!!!