Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Little-Pumpkins @ The Guardian Unlimited

Look what I just found online on UK's The Guardian Unlimited website: a write up about your favorite (so I hope) blog Little-Pumpkins!!!

Series: Blog by blog guide to ...

Blog by blog guide to ... Rio
This month Benji Lanyado rounds up the best bloggers' guides to the beaches, bars and even the burgers of Brazil's most glamorous city

Guardian Unlimited
Tuesday October 2 2007

Little Pumpkins
In Brazilian-Portuguese, "abobrinhas" is the art of talking shit. Or, as this blogger refers to it, "small talk; useless information, foolish chit-chat; non-sense; fluff." Either way, Little Pumpkins (the literal translation of "abobrinhas") does exactly what it says on the tin - a prolific, oddly captivating flurry of modish camp stuff from the mind of a Rio-based "Pumpkin Man". A short browse reveals our hero's forte: pretty pictures. One of his many tags is "street art", featuring Rio's finest, including two rather snazzy shop facades at Carlos Tuvfesson and Addict.
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