Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ché Magazine

Ché is a magazine from Belgium that focuses on straight men and what they’re supposedly interested in. It's based on testosterone-charged laddie's magazines like Maxim, Stuff and FHM and focus on women, fast cars, cool gadgets and sports. Their current ad campaign is nothing short of suggestive and misogynist, portraying women as sex-objects (what's new?) and bad drivers. I must say that the campaign is very visually appealing and their art direction is superb. As a publicity stunt they outfitted several newsstands in Belgium with posters, that attached to it's check-out counters, gave them a quite sexy-funny effect. You can actually buy the "single-guy's bed sheets", with the lingerie-clad pin-up printed on it, from Ché's website.

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