Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kate Moss Rimmel Ads Banned

Rimmel Magnif’eyes Mascara ads featuring Kate Moss have been banned after complaints that the supermodel’s lashes were false. Ads for Rimmel said that the ‘Magnif’eyes mascara’ produced 70 per cent more lift, with a ‘unique vertical life brush’ helping wearers ‘get the London look.’
A spokesman for Broadcast Advertising Clearance Center in Britain says:

Because we had not received documentary evidence that Kate Moss was not wearing false lashes in the ads we concluded that the images of the eye lashes in the press and TV ads may have exaggerated the benefits of the product, and were likely to mislead consumers. “
We told Rimmel not to repeat the ad in its present form. We advised them to include a disclaimer in future ads where post production techniques had been used to increase the effects of a product, or where false lashes had been used. “

Gee, what about every single beauty ad these days, that are Photoshoped to death, promising miraculous results? Does anyone really believe that crap? TV ads are of the worse offenders too. Those shampoo commercials with the glowing hair, cascading in waves, can only be attained in an editing room. It sounds like plain hypocrisy to me.

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Aretha said...

The same happens with Penelope Cruz and the L'Oreal new mascara ad. Everything is just so fake...