Monday, October 08, 2007

Revisiting Boston

Being in Boston always feels like home, specially since I lived in Bean Town for almost as many years as Rihanna is alive. It was nice to be back and be able to view it through the eyes of an outsider again, rediscovering sites & sights that - because of their familiarity - you end up taking for granted once you see it on a daily basis. This same thing happened to me in Rio and it made me appreciate and endear myself even more to the places that were "always there".

Boston is an easy city to move about. You can pretty much walk to most of it's famous spots of interest or simply hop on the T, USA's oldest subway system, and get to wherever you need to be in a matter of a few stops. Many of America's most significant historical moments were set in Boston, and still are to this day. Gay marriage, anyone?

Though through the eyes of most New Yorker's Boston is just too "sleepy" and boring of a college town, the city's lifestyle and lay-out allows to to have a small-town feeling with all the amenities of a major city. The restaurants here are amazing, great cultural life, international grade high-end shopping and excellent quality of living. Oh well, nightlife does suck here, I have to agree, but for how long do you really want to club-hop? You can just jump on an Amtrack and be in NYC in under 4 hours, get your club fix, and return to a where home is. The weather is another set back, specially if the idea of shovelling snow is not your cup of tea. Rents here are almost as high as NYC but at least our trash cans are not year-round displayed in front of our buildings. Apples & oranges, right?

I was glad to be back for a few days but other shores await me...

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