Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Loony Bun is Fine Benny Lava!

This is probably one of the funniest things I've seen online in a while and I had to post it here too. The formula is rather simple: take a random Bollywood music video and get it translated - with subtitles - from what you think the words sound like in English. Example: turn your back to the screen and jot down whatever first comes to mind when you hear they sing - and voila! A masterpiece of hilarious non-sense that fits to a tee to what comes out of the performer's mouths. The auteur of this very creative oeuvre, Buffalax, unsatisfied with simply giggling at all those silly dance moves and group routines (and wardrobe), allowed me to ache with laughter watching his hysterical take on Indian cinema. Sample quotes: "Who put the goat in there? The yellow goat I ate", "Someday I sell DNA" and the classic "I'd love to see you pee on us tonight!". I guarantee you will love it too!

Via OMG Blog / Via Lady Bunny

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