Saturday, October 20, 2007

The New Chanel Bike

Attention fashion victims all around: presenting the new Chanel Bike!
As an outdoorsy sports woman, Coco Chanel liberated women by creating clothing adapted to her time, freeing them from corsets and what-nots and allowing them to enjoy freedom of movement as well. Now the exclusive French maison is launching it's own luxe bicycle, faithful to it's iconic codes of elegance. It is outfitted in Chanel's signature black matelassé leather - including seat and utility saddle bag - and attached to 8-speed light-weight 16.5 kilos aluminum frame.
To rock a fancy Chanel bike does not come cheap - € 8,900.00 - or US$12,695.00 at today's rates.
I would invest in a VERY potent lock & chain set-up as this bike won't last long when parked anywhere outside in a big city.

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Fritz said...

I like city bikes, but 17 kilos isn't exactly "lightweight."

Joe Breezer caught a bunch of grief when he announced his $1900 commuter bike, but wow, this one takes the cake.