Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm Not Gay - I Just Really Love Rainbows

"I'm not gay, I just really love rainbows..."
How funny is that? I was browsing at Urban Outfitters the other day when I came across this great air freshener and coaster set by BlueQ in their housewares department. I often go in there to look around and always end up picking something up as their prices are just too good to pass stuff up. I do have a taste for the kitschy-off-beat stuff and Urban's is chock-full of tempting merchandise that appeals to this low-brow side of mine. Urban's is a great place for graphic tees too, though I swore a while back to not buy any more of them, but their clothing selection is a bit too alternative for my current age status. I also love all their in-store displays and visual merchandising, very cool, young and hip.

Well, I thought it was just too funny not to post it at Little-Pumpkins' "shopping section".

Coaster set U$4.99 and air freshener available directly at BlueQ

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