Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Celebrity Billboards in Tokyo

Many celebrities will shy away from advertisement contracts in the US to avoid being associated with a particular product or wear-out their images. Usually that's something one will do end they are at career's end and they take what they can get. This has changed a little in recent years when desirable luxury-goods companies like Louis Vuitton or Versace are key brands when adding glamour and sophistication to a star's public image. Welsh-born Catherine Zeta-Jones was somewhat of a trend-setter when agreeing to be T-Mobile front woman in the US. Traditionally such stars will seldom be seen pushing cars or liquor ads in America, but when the images will be sold to foreign markets the cash will talk louder. Sites like Gaijin-a-Go-Go offer a great menu of Western stars in Japanese commercials, that are actually quite fun to watch. Here's a small array of celebs working hard in Japan.

Images via RG Vogue

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