Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Graffiti in Rio - Santa Teresa

I received these great pictures from a reader in Barcelona, that was in Rio a while back, and shot these cool graffiti in the Santa Teresa neighborhood, in Rio. I love how the design blends into the decaying wall it was painted on. The sunlight gives it a great washed-out effect that only enhances the lavenders & pastels in the Sugar Loaf design.

This is is simply genius!! She tells me that nowadays he is sporting a pair of briefs and no longer has his manhood going commando... His friendly, unmenacing face makes his erect wee-wee looks very cute! Wonder how long the neighbors allowed such risque artwork to go untouched...? Kudos!

Thank you so much Lindsay & Ruby! I love being surprised by reader's suggestions and comments. Keep it up!

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